Tell me if this sounds like you...

  • You absolutely love taking music driven classes, the energy is unmatched

  • It's easy to follow the beat when someone else is cuing, but when you're leading, it's challenging

This strategy includes how to...

  • Always find the beat

    No background in dance necessary! We're going to break down all the beat basics so you'll hear it and cue it 100% of the time.

  • Communicate to your students through effective cuing

    Have you ever been to a class where the instructor didn't tell you when the exercise was changing and expected you to read their mind? That doesn't make anyone feel successful. You'll learn two effective ways to communicate transitions so everyone moves as a unit with no confusion.

  • Change your exercise when the music energy changes

    One of the most powerful tools in a music driven class is changing your exercise when the music tells you to. You'll learn how to never miss a beat drop and energetically cue the build up!

Imagine being the one on the podium leading a high-energy and inspiring class

Your Instructor, Leah

For the past decade, I've been in charge of recruiting, hiring and training instructors for boutique studios.

Group fitness is all about music. You feel the beat in your body and it encourages you to move FULL OUT. This course covers the number one skill that gets Rich Motion Instructor Academy graduates HIRED at their dream studios.


Boutique Indoor Cycle Lead Instructor

"I auditioned so many excited instructors, but none had the musicality and cuing I required. I sent them to Leah and when they came back, they were new instructors and I was ready to put them on the schedule!"


Rich Motion Instructor Academy graduate

I'm preparing for my first audition and within 5 minutes of practicing, I was like "oh, I know exactly how to do this and could probably audition RIGHT NOW if I had to!"


  • How long is the course?

    There is an hour of video lessons, but the more you practice the lessons the more confident you'll be!

  • Can I take it at my own time?

    Definitely! Watch it as many times as you want at your own pace!

  • How long do I have access to the training?

    6 whole months! That'll give plenty of time for your current team and any new hires to take full advantage of the lessons.

  • If I need more help, is coaching available?

    Yes! Email to set up a one-on-one coaching session.

Let's make your dreams of becoming an instructor true

Nail musicality, get hired at your favorite studio and be the star instructor